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Consultation and information are of crucial importance in plastic and aesthetic surgery because the topic relates to self-perception, self-esteem, and to perception of beauty. The patient has to be professionally and exactly informed about modalities of various interventions, about alternative treatments, about positive results or possible complications, to meet the requirements for the best possible, most adapted and individual treatment.

During the discussion with the patient the specialist in plastic surgery has to percept reasons, objectives and fears of his patient establishing a particular confidential relation to her. For this reason more than one consultation might be necessary defining the right decision for an operation.

Information to the patient will not only include prospected results, but possible risks and following consequences have to be discussed.

Consultations with Dr. Fallscheer take place in a pleasant day clinic, with most modern and comfortable infrastructure, directly at the lakefront of Lake Lugano, where the specialist sees each patient personally and individually during the consultation schedule. (contact)

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