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Aesthetic face surgery:
     -  Rhinoplasty (correction of the nose)
     -  Blepharoplasty (Correction of the eyelids)
     -  Otoplasty (correction prominent ears)
     -  Face Lifting
     -  Lipofilling/ Lipostructure
     -  Aesthetic Medicine and wrinkles

Reconstructive Face surgery:
     -  Excision skin tumors
     -  Melanoma and Sentinel Nodes
     -  Local flaps
     -  Skin grafting
     -  Scar corrections
     -  Surgery of the facial nerve

Breast surgery:
     -  Breast augmentation
     -  Breast repositioning (Mastopexy)
     -  Breast reduction
     -  Shape or asymmetry correction
     -  Reduction male breast (Gynecomastia)
     -  Breast reconstruction (flaps or implants)

Body shaping:
     -  Abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck") and Body-Lift
     -  Lifting of Arms and thighs
     -  Liposuction/ Liposculpture

Hand surgery:
     -  Trigger Finger
     -  Carpal tunnel syndrome and Ulnar nerve compression
     -  Dupuytren disease
     -  Tumb saddle joint arthrosis (Rhizarthrosis)

     -  Flap surgery (free, pediculed and lokal flaps)
     -  Reconstruction after accidents and burns
     -  Hyperhidrosis treatment (sweating armpit)

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